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Best BBQ in Dallas

Best BBQ in Dallas: In the Lone Star State, barbeque is undoubtedly king, and if you haven’t had any, you haven’t essentially been living. Yet, if you believed that Central Texas was the only spot to locate excellent BBQ, you must be mistaken. There are numerous award-winning smokehouses serving about every type of barbecue you can imagine in the DFW area.

Pecan Lodge, a genuine temple to bamboo meats, is arguably the most well-known restaurant in town (due to appearances on shows like Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives). It is known equally for its lengthy lineups as it is for its incredible barbecue. However, there are Tex-Mex-inspired eateries like Hurtado Barbecue and undiscovered gems like CattleAck BBQ, which is only open for lunch a few days a week. Of course, no list of the greatest barbecue joints in the Dallas area would be complete without including the renowned Lockhart Smokehouse, which many locals cite as having the best Central Texas-style beef in the city.

If reading about all these restaurants has reawakened your appetite, continue reading to see where you can gorge on mouthwatering brisket, finger-licking ribs, sausage rolls, burnt ends, and other smoked delicacies.


It can feel like a reason for joy just to enter this cult attraction. After all, Texas Monthly has named it the sixth-best barbecue restaurant in the state. As a result, a line will undoubtedly be present. Oh, and the restaurant is only open on Thursdays, Fridays, and the first Saturday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. But this is the spot if you’re looking for a smoked meat paradise. The heavily marbled Akaushi beef brisket is the stuff of barbecue fantasies, and the pulled pork is enormous, the smoked ribeyes are excellent. Top choice? A brisket pulled pork, and hotlinking sausage trifecta is used to make the sandwich known as The Godfather.

Cattleack was rated Texas’ No. 6 barbecue spot by Texas Monthly, making it a suggested place for barbecue.


This Deep Ellum hot spot is well known for both its long lines and its outstanding barbecue. It has been highlighted in series including the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and Man Fire Food. Yet, as the saying goes, “good things come to those who wait,” and among those nice things are house-made meatballs, beef that has been mesquite smoked, delectable ribs, and more. Get “The Trough,” a feast of beef rib, pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and smoked sausages, for you and four of your hungry buddies to enjoy. Fried chicken and the “Hot Mess,” a sweet potato loaded with brisket and chipotle cream cheese, are other popular dishes. We won’t even talk about the peach cobbler.

Because Pecan Lodge is among the greatest in the country, according to Texas Monthly magazine, it is suggested for barbecue.


Three weeks even before the pandemic began, Brandon Hurtado’s long-awaited brick-and-mortar restaurant in Arlington opened after gaining a devoted fan base for his Tex-Mex style barbecue served from a trailer. Due to a thriving takeout and delivery business, the restaurant managed to thrive despite the COVID-19 limits. Everything from prime brisket, house-made sausages, and beef ribs to smoked quail, birria brisket tacos, and green chile pulled pork can be found now that the restaurant is back in business. Furthermore offered are cold vacuum-sealed meats and family-style platters (imagine meat, sides, and tortillas for 2–10 people).

Because Hurtado is the best location in the metro area to discover Tex-Mex-inspired barbecue delicacies, it is suggested for BBQ.


It normally takes a little wait to attempt to get a table at this family-run smoked meat heaven, whether you go to the Frisco or McKinney location. This is not surprising considering that this location is rated as one of the best BBQ restaurants in the state. Although the brisket may be the restaurant’s best-selling item, don’t overlook the slow-smoked spareribs prepared in the St. Louis style, the jalapeno meatballs, or the “Texas twinkies” (brisket and cream cheese packed jalapeno poppers covered in bacon). On the weekends, come here to find enormous beef ribs that have been perfectly seasoned and smoked.

Because Hutchins BBQ is regarded as one of Texas’ top barbecue places, it is suggested for barbecue.


This well-known Bishop Craft smokehouse, which bears the name of Texas’s informal barbecue capitol, offers what many locals believe to be the best Central Texas-style barbecue in the area. It comes as no surprise given that co-owner Jill Bergus is related to the family that runs Lockhart’s storied Kreuz Market. In reality, the menu at this restaurant features a number of Kreuz Market delicacies, such as their legendary sausages and the shoulder clod beef cut. Spareribs, pork chops, smoked turkey, chicken, and of course brisket complete the menu. Uncertain about what to order? They’ll let you try the products before you decide, so don’t worry.

Because Lockhart is the only location in Dallas where you can find the renowned sausage from Kreuz Market, it is suggested for barbecue.


With a third location in Dallas, close to Love Field, Travis and Emma Heim’s legendary barbecue joint from Fort Worth is expanding its menu to include everything from beef, brisket, and pulled pork to sausages and, of course, their renowned bacon-burned ends. Along with scratch-made sides like green chile mac n’ cheese and turnip greens, the menu also includes brisket-topped burgers, jalapeno-cheddar-sausage corn dogs, and packed potato skins. Emma’s handmade banana pudding is a must-try. Also essential are breakfast tacos and biscuit sandwiches (served till 11 a.m.). Items sell out quickly, so come early.

Because Heim is the greatest site to find brisket-loaded sandwiches and burnt ends, it is recommended for barbecue.


Brothers Mike and Mark Black, whose family’s barbecue heritage dates back to 1932 when the first Black’s Barbeque debuted in Lockhart, Texas, are the creators of this Deep Ellum barbecue joint. Black’s provides a variety of foods smoked on the facilities in offset smokers using post oak wood, including brisket, ribs, turkey, and sausage. The restaurant is spread out across an area of 11,000 square feet and has two enormous outdoor patios. The sides available with the meat include baked potato salad, blue cheese, mac & cheese, cream corn, pinto beans, green beans, and Mexican rice. The meat is sold by the pound or in slices.

Because Terry Black’s Barbecue is considered one of the best barbecue restaurants in the state by Texas Monthly, it is suggested for barbecue.


What do you get when you combine two James Beard Award winners, one renowned for Central Texas barbecue and the other for Japanese fusion food? A  cuisine that combines smoked meats with vegetables and sauces with Southeast Asian influences. We cordially invite you to Loro, a lively Asian smokehouse operated by pitmaster Aaron Franklin of Franklin’s Barbecue and chef Tyson Cole of (Uchi and Uchiba). The selections range from wood-smoked salmon with cucumber-yuzu broth to brisket sliders laden with papaya salad, peanuts, spicy aioli, and Thai herbs. Expect to place a drink order at the bar and consume everything in a relaxed, social setting with a patio that welcomes pets. Did we mention the sweet kettle corn topped with candied brisket charred ends and the alcoholic smoothies?

Loro is suggested for barbeque since it is for people seeking a more distinctive way of cooking.


This distinctly upscale Oak Lawn meat palace serves a variety of chef-created dishes, including grilled fish served on smoked cauliflower puree and burnt ends shepherd’s pie filled with peas, carrots, and barbecue mashed potatoes. It specializes in Kansas City-style barbecue (think sweet-glazed ribs and crusty burnt ends). Those who love barbecue will likely go for the “Whole Sha-Bang,” which includes a pound of ‘cue along with a starter, two sides, and dessert. Combine everything with a fiery craft cocktail like the Mexicutioner, which is a concoction of Cimarron Tequila, mezcal, pineapple, and jalapeno.

It is Suggested Because This is the only location in Dallas where you can find genuine Kansas City barbecue.


For more than three decades, this family-run restaurant has been serving hickory-smoked barbecue to crowds of devotees. Everything you expect to find is here, including slow-cooked brisket, succulent ribs, and house-made sausages. Don’t forget about other noteworthy dishes like fried catfish and blackened tilapia though. Don’t forget to order the sides; mac and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, and collard greens are perennial favorites. The daily lunch deals, where you can fill up on everything from turkey & stuffing to smothered pork chops with two sides and cornbread for $10.95, are well worth checking out. How about dessert? Cake with three words: Butter Bomb.

Smokey John’s is the ideal spot to satisfy your craving for barbecue at a very affordable price, so it is highly recommended for BBQ.