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Best Antique Shops in Dallas

Best Antique Shops in Dallas: With more store outlets per capita than any other comparable town across the nation, it is likely that Dallas has the shopping market firmly in its grasp. Nevertheless, the city’s retail scene is more than just clothing stores and basic malls, it’s also an antique lover’s heaven full of enticing gems and one-of-a-kind bargains to suit any budget and type of taste.

Begin your search in the Dallas Design District, which is home to two of the city’s most popular antique stores: Uncommon Market and Lucas Street Antiques. Both stores provide a wide selection of historical salvage and antique furniture. Lula B’s Antique Mall, a hidden gem with a number of stalls stocked with vintage apparel, goofy trinkets, and mid-century modern furniture, is also situated in the Design District.

Love the tv program American Pickers? Then you should definitely make a stop at DFW Mantiques, where you can purchase vintage trinkets designed especially for men. Without visiting Canton’s First Monday Trade Days, one of the biggest and oldest flea markets in the nation, no shopping vacation to Dallas would be complete.

After seeing the places on this list, you’re going to need an empty suitcase, so pack one.


Canton’s First Monday Trade Days, one of the biggest and oldest thrift stores in the nation, is every magpie’s dream with over 5,000 traders, tents, and stalls spread out over 100 acres. Whatever you’re searching for, whether it is clothing (both new and vintage), antiques, collectibles, crafts, or jewelry, you’re probably going to find it here. Remember that the major event is held every month’s Thursday through Sunday prior to the first Monday. If you want to beat the crowds, get there early on any given day. Bring a lot of cash and be ready to barter.

Suggested for Antique Stores because If you want the whole flea market experience, go to First Monday.


This vast, family-run Design District emporium is loaded with rare antique furniture and other items that the founders sweep up on regular buying travels across the country, making it a popular stop for design professionals. In addition to an eye-popping array of tables, chairs, cabinets, and armoires, The store sells an interesting collection of everything from vintage games to suitcases, novels, ancient vehicle parts, and even garden decorations. This location is also a great area to look for design features (think ornamental ironwork, British colonial doors, fireplace mantles and reclaimed stained glass windowpanes). Unusual Lighting, which focuses on custom replicas and antique light fixtures, is also located in the same location.


If the prospect of searching through bargain bins and arguing over pricing excites you, you’ll love the excitement of the hunt inside this true clothes shop of vintage delights. Around 80 merchants sell everything from mid-century contemporary and retro furniture to vintage apparel, tacky antiques, and baubles aplenty. There’s much to purchase if you have an unlimited amount of money (like a mid-century radio console for $1695), but you can also catch some great deals, and merchants are continuously discounting their inventory. Even if you simply spend $10, you’ll be able to walk away feeling you’ve won the lottery.

Lula B’s is rated for Antique Stores because it has the best assortment of mid-century chic furnishings in Dallas.


Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t your average retail shop, the operator has a flair for sourcing high-quality antique, classic, and designer furnishings and selling them at a discount. The collection varies frequently, so expect to discover a broad range of classic high-end antiques as well as chandeliers, carved statues, as well as old Wedgwood and wool rugs from Iran. Keep a lookout for a variety of one-of-a-kind up-cycled items, such as French dough bins converted into sinks and lamps created from ancient polychrome candlesticks. Seek out the greatest deals on things that have been on the shelf for more than 45 days.

Consignment Heaven is a favored hunting ground for the area’s leading interior designers, thus it’s ideal for Antique Stores.


Looking for a set of Harry Bertoia bar stools? Maybe some shrunken heads and rodent skulls? This 3,800 square-foot wonderland of the horrific and beautiful is certainly the thing for anyone looking for something a little unique, with its wild retro jumble of mid-century decor, odd kitsch, and vintage frocks. Discover clothing from the 1940s through the 1980s, as well as horse, biker, and combat boots, jewelry, rock memorabilia, bones, doll parts, and taxidermy. Don’t forget to check out the antique warehouse in the back.

Dolly Python is the ultimate destination in Dallas for vintage apparel and vintage entertainment artifacts, hence it’s ideal for Antique Stores.


This enormous Design District classic is one of Dallas’ top secret troves for antique furniture and antiquities, most of which has been sourced from around the world, despite like a little chaotic and jam-packed to the gills. There are 13,000 square feet of product to root for here and trust us, you’ll need to root. There is Mid-Century, French, and English furniture as well as stained glass windows, chandeliers, rugs, architectural things, and even tribal art. Nonetheless, the hunt frequently yields extraordinary items at even more amazing prices. Even better, the business frequently runs promotions to create room for new arrivals because it constantly changes its inventory.

it is advised for antique shops because Lots of Furniture is a good site to find antique French furnishings.


It’s not every day that you can discover a vintage histology model, a retro pinball game, and a set of antique Bergere chairs for children all under one roof. But, nothing about this vast antique store is expected. The 24,000-square-foot market, housed in a former printing factory, has approximately 60 booths offering anything from American and European antiques to a slew of one-of-a-kind goods (like a variety of hat form molds) that you won’t find anywhere else. The store also has a large selection of mid-century furniture by architects such as Arne Jacobsen and Adrian Pearsall. Oh, and Lucas Street Antiques directly supports the Genesis Women’s Shelter with which it shares space, so when you purchase here, you’re helping a good cause.

Recommended for Antique Shops because Lucas Street is like an Antiques Road Show under one roof.


Curiosities, the creation of mother and son combo Jason and Terry Cohen, has stuffed baboons and old concrete torsos among its unusual discoveries. As a result of their exceptional skill for converting stockpiling into an art form, the couple has crammed their shop with a motley assortment of antiques and retro bric-a-brac, all carefully sourced from estate sales and flea markets. Vintage holiday decor (imagine Victorian-era through 1960s Christmas ornaments) to carnival memorabilia, toys, electronic gadgets, furniture, turquoise jewelry, and vintage clothing are all available. While you’re in the region, check out the antique garden collection at Curious Gardens, which is situated adjacent to the Dallas Arboretum.

Curiosities are rated for Antique Stores because it has one of the best sets of anomalies in the Dallas area.


This enormous 45,000-square-foot bazaar is home to more than 200 dealers who sell an assortment so diverse that you could easily browse the stalls for hours and still not see half of it. It is a haven for antique enthusiasts. Everything is here, including early American, 19th-century English and French, art deco, and mid-century modern furniture. Together with purses from brands like Judith Leiber and Chanel, expect will also find Oriental carpets, old books, jewels, fossils, estate jewelry, and more. Yet, don’t come here expecting to find a deal, items like the beautiful 1920s French crystal chandelier or the Corticelli Spool Cabinet might easily cost you several thousand dollars.

It is rated for antique shops Because Forestwood Antique Mall is a fantastic spot to seek expensive antique furniture.


The proprietors of this fantastic store sell a variety of antiques and artifacts that are primarily geared at men, so forget about fine china and granny’s leftovers. Consider it your true one-stop shop for completing the look of your man cave. Action figures, taxidermy, pin-up art, neon signs, vintage workbenches, and pinball machines are just a few examples. Even then, the store’s selection of military gear, which includes everything from artillery to army fatigues, helmets, gas masks, and flank jackets, is insufficient.

Recommended for Antique Shops because Mantiques is a great place to find military-related collectibles.