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Best Restaurants in Downtown Dallas

Best Restaurants in Downtown Dallas: Dallas‘ renovated downtown region is not only a safety for world-class artwork and culture, but it is also an eating attraction for several of the town’s top-tier eateries, many of which are led by nationally famous chefs.  

Bullion, a beautiful French brasserie by Michelin-starred cook Bruno Davaillon, is situated in the old Belo building. The luxury Ritz Carlton Hotel also houses famed chef Dean Fearing’s namesake eatery. Five Sixty, Wolfgang Puck’s Pan-Asian restaurant, is located in the landmark Reunion Tower.

Oh, and talking of Asians, if you’re searching for sushi and creative Japanese meals, it doesn’t get more excellent than Tei-An, famed Dallas cook Teiichi Sakurai’s Arts District jewel. Did we add the beautiful roof lounge?

But wait, there’s extra. Continue reading for the entire list. We’re confident you’ll find lots of selections that check all the criteria./


Michelin-starred chef Bruno Davaillon’s stylish French brasserie, constructed like a glittering spaceship above the lower floor of the old Belo Building, has been attracting visitors since it launched in late 2017. The annual cuisine includes steak frites and croque monsieurs for lunch and canard a l’orange and deer with cooked pears for a meal. Bullion also has a fantastic and reasonably priced all-French wines menu and a selection of French-inspired drinks to match the food. Talking of drinks, sharing dishes over drinks at the chic bar is also a possibility. For a sweet treat, don’t skip the mille-feuille with dulce de leche.

Bullion is a good choice for Downtown since it is considered one of Dallas’ top French restaurants.


One of Dallas’ top Japanese eateries is often recognized as Teiichi Sakurai’s Arts District treasure. And with good cause. Every dish is prepared with remarkable care, the service is consistently excellent, and the quality of the food is out of this world. You can order anything from sushi, sashimi, and tempura to more unusual dishes like sea urchin shrimp risotto and white seaweed salad. But Sakurai’s handmade soba pasta, which can be eaten warm or chilly with a variety of flavorful broths and dressings, is the place’s true specialty. While expensive, the omakase (smelling and tasting menu) is the greatest way to sample all Tei-An provides. Don’t miss dessert, the soba ice cream with black honey is delicious.

Suggested Downtown because Tei-An is the place to go for real Japanese food.


Famous cook Dean Fearing’s named restaurant in the upscale Uptown Ritz Carlton has been a consistent choice for over a decade, with its refined (but casual) ambiance and fresh, modern Southwestern food. The menu changes frequently, so anticipate BBQ shrimp tacos, chicken grilled quail, glazed antelope, and some of the best Texas Wagyu-Angus steaks in the city. Get a seat in Dean’s kitchen for a frontline observation of the action and perhaps a word with the ebullient Fearing himself. Keep a little space in your stomach for the banana bread tart or anything chocolaty.

Fearing’s is a top pick for Downtown since it is nationally rated as one of the town’s greatest restaurants.


Cafe Momentum has always had the characteristics of an excellent restaurant, a pleasant atmosphere, moderate pricing, and creative, tasty food. Above all, this restaurant serves as a non-profit that gives culinary instruction to at-risk young people. Though the yearly dishes vary frequently, expect house-made charcuterie, duck confit with blueberry-habanero jam, smoky chicken wings with all the additives, and coffee-rubbed, locally sourced NY strip. To quench your thirst, there’s a solid wine selection beginning at $20 a bottle and a fantastic craft beer variety. Oh, and because the employees are given a living wage, any tip you left will be regarded as a donation to the restaurant’s objective.

Rated for Downtown because Cafe Momentum is the place to go when you want a great dinner at a great price.


Reunion Tower is Dallas’ prominent landmark, and Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty cafe is located at the top (560 feet). The spinning eatery is worth visiting just for the atmosphere. The trendy Asian food only serves to add to the allure. Expect sashimi and sushi, as well as Wagyu beef pot stickers, tamarind-glazed baby back ribs, and Mongolian-style Colorado sheep chops. Let’s not even begin with the sweets. Don’t know what to order? There are also a number of prix fixe sample meals to pick from. A recommendation: Arrive in time for sunset and take advantage of fantastic happy hour specials (5-7 p.m., Monday-Thursday).

Suggested for Downtown because Five Sixty is the ideal venue in the city for an unforgettable meal.


Due to a new multi-million-dollar renovation, The renowned French Room, which launched with the Adolphus Hotel in 1912, has reclaimed its reputation as one of Dallas’ premier dining establishments.  The decor and furnishings remain sumptuous, the customer service is as flawless as Bearnaise, and the food selection is all you’d expect from an eatery of this caliber. A seasonally rotating a la carte menu includes foie gras torchon, veal sweetbreads, dry-aged rib eyes, and Long Island duck. A five-course sample menu is also available for $135 a person for people who wish to go all out.

Recommended for Downtown because The French Room is a must for any fine dining Dallas bucket list.


This persistently renowned all-day bistro in the Joule Hotel, named after the Central Business District where it is situated, gains fans for its modern American, farm-to-table dishes presented in a rustically appealing atmosphere. From charcuterie boards to steaks to roasted pig’s head carnitas, the majority, if not all, of the foods featured here are intended to be shared. Cocktails by famed bartenders Chad Solomon and Christy Pope are also on the drink list. Talking of drinks, avoid leaving without having an after-dinner drink at the hotel’s subterranean cocktail lounge (Midnight Rambler). Keep this location in mind for brunch and weekend brunch as well.

CBD Provisions is an excellent choice for Downtown because the simple cuisine and warm environment make it a great location to dine for any kind of event.


Sure, they have fantastic tortillas and tacos here, but this vibrant cantina’s expertise is updated views on classics from Central and Southern Mexico. Cochinita pibil (Yucatan-style pig cooked in citrus and achiote); Oaxacan moles; and Budin Azteca, a layered tortilla casserole like lasagna. Thinking of tacos, a taco-to-go window (La Ventana) next to the restaurant’s plaza provides burritos, quesadillas, salads, and tacos stuffed with ranging from braised pork pieces to beef tongue. Did we add they also make killer margaritas?

Meso Maya is a good choice for Downtown because it serves excellent Mexican cuisine in a colorful setting.


This popular West End restaurant serves large dishes of savory comfort food favorites including fried chicken and chicken fried steak, as well as sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers. The eatery’s headline is “Grits Rule,” and grits are offered in an array of manners, including cheesy Cajun shrimp grits, crispy grits, as well as eggs Benedict grits. And what’s not to love about an eatery that offers breakfast all day? Even better, nearly every item on the menu is around $20. Weekends are likely to be crowded.

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen is a top choice for Downtown Dallas because it delivers the finest Southern comfort cuisine in the city.


Do you want a pint and a meal of fish and chips? If so, you’re in luck. On the lower floor of the old Mercantile House near Main Street Gardens, a piece of Ireland has taken up home. This wood-clad local bar, controlled and operated by Dublin native Alan Kearney, serves up traditional Emerald Isle classics and extras. Scotch eggs, shepherd’s pie, and Irish stew are among the many salads, sandwiches, and burgers available. There are approximately 200 different types of whisky available, as well as artisan beers, wine, cocktails, and coffees. Look for musical performances, daily drink offers, and Sunday brunch.

Suggested for Downtown because The Crafty Irishman is one of the Finest locations in Dallas to get a taste of the Emerald Isle.