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When That Which Isolates Us, Unites Us – Connection in the Time of Corona

There has never been a period when everyone on earth was so unified in the face of a shared enemy. What has pushed us apart now brings us together. Faces and voices are the only things that can cut through the separation and uncertainty of it all at a time when we are forced to bodily distance ourselves from each other (and we need to do this). This is more than just staying in touch with the people, it also involves identifying in the faces and conversations with strangers that, now more than ever, we are all linked together. We feel vulnerable together, nervous together, unhappy together, terrified together, and hopeful together in some wonderful moments.

We are being forced to adapt in new manners, and the unpredictability of this can cause anxiety in both us and our kids. Things that are unknown do this.

The solution to the kids and teens in your life’s anxiety is you – your actions, your presence, as well as your affection and understanding. You have a powerful ability to bring peace to your environment as a parent, grandparent, educator, or other loved adult. They require exactly the same things that we do at this moment in time: profound kindness, play, sleep, exercise, and to be held close and passionately adored. It’s fine if timetables or routines fall by the wayside as a result of this. It’s fine if screen time becomes slightly longer and falling asleep gets a bit later. These are unusual situations, and there is no solution for managing them. We do what we have to do, and if having fun, sharing stories, and screening films jointly takes the place of timetables and rituals, and if that is what helps them (and you) feel more at ease during this, then do it.

We will get back to routine sooner or later. Perhaps it will be an unfamiliar norm, but it will have more of the security, reliability, and familiarity that is associated with a kind of regularity. The task then will be to bring children back to school, but that will be made simpler if we can build a bridge before then. There is no rush for this to occur, but it is important to consider. That bridge could take the form of digital catch-ups with friends or creating a link between something (a sound playlist, awareness meditations) and feeling peace. When it’s time to go back to school, they’ll have something to fall back on to assist in triggering those sensations of peace in their minds. For the time being, our priority is on keeping each other secure while doing everything we can to ensure that the entire globe feels secure for the kids we love. 

For us, adults who live in their world, it’s simply returning to what we know in order to feel comfortable and secure. Reading, playing, strolling, going outside into nature, working out, relaxing, and cooking, but not tonight, watching films, or taking warm baths may look unique for each of us. If you’re still not sure, what made you feel secure when you were a kid? Can you return to that?

We must do all possible to look after one another. For the time being, this means that those of us who are able to remain at home should do so. We must also stay at home for those who cannot, such as our instructors, nurses, hospital personnel, medical professionals, grocery employees, paramedics, police, and many more. They are the champions. and we owe it to them and their families to do the very minimum. This is essential and it is what we must do, but it has implications. Individuals are going to feel more isolated, anxious, alone, or depressed. Don’t overlook the importance of small gestures to those in your life who may be losing you, feeling disconnected from the world, or feeling more nervous than usual – calls, text messages, video chats, social media tags with ‘this reminds me of you’ in the text. Let us not take the minor details for casually. They are significant. The tiny things, it turns out, will be the huge ones that bring us over this.

Yes, we need to isolate ourselves physically, but let us not isolate ourselves professionally or psychologically. We want each other now more than ever – not simply to get through this on a worldwide basis, but also personally. Let us strive to be closer to the persons we need to be and were meant to be. Let us leave judgment, comparison, and justice at the door. They don’t have anything for us anyway. They never followed through. Let us exchange them with genuine love, compassion, and openness of heart. Let’s get started.

We will get through this, and we’ll do it together x