Peter Salgado

Peter is an integral member of the POU team, where his passion for American life shines through in every piece he writes. With an inquisitive mind and a keen eye for detail, Peter embodies the spirit of exploration that Peoplesofusa stands for.

A seasoned researcher, Peter’s contributions span a wide array of topics that resonate with POU diverse content base. Whether it’s delving into the rich history of the nation, exploring the latest technological advancements, guiding readers through picturesque travel destinations, or savoring the tastes of iconic American restaurants, Peter’s writing captivates and informs.


Areas of Expertise

  • History: Peter’s fascination with America’s past has led him to uncover and share the intricate details of significant events and periods.
  • Technology: Always at the forefront of innovation, Peter provides insights into the latest tech trends and their impact on American society.
  • Travel Guides: A seasoned traveler himself, Peter’s travel guides offer readers a personal and immersive experience of various American landscapes.
  • Foods and Restaurants: A connoisseur of American cuisine, Peter’s food explorations are a delightful read for food enthusiasts.

Jessica Charlotte

Content Director