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Explore 18 hacks for the child suffering from anxiety

Kids who struggle with anxiety would always feel so much greater than their anxiety if they could view themselves the way the majority of us do. They would feel as though they could reach the highest point of the world with only a slight tip-toe stretch and would feel greater than everything. They would see their power, strength, and delightfully unique and unusual way of viewing the world if they, like us, were able to see straight through their anxieties to who they are. They would be able to observe their range of understanding and depth of feeling. They would realize that their anxiousness is only a little aspect of who they are, and in a way, it serves as a tribute to all the other characteristics that define them.

Children will either live up to or below expectations. They have to see what we see in order to share our belief in their abilities.

Here are some examples that are probably true for them and that they, like us, should be aware of:

Dear Anxious Children,

What you need to know is as follows:

Let’s face it: anxiousness is unpleasant. It frequently occurs at awkward times, and when it does, it is not kind or mild. Anxiety can appear to strike suddenly and without cause. The problem is that many qualities in us that we would wish to change frequently come with advantages. The same applies to anxiety. There are aspects of it that are unpleasant, but there are also elements that will enhance your abilities in many ways. Here are a few of them. Don’t be alarmed; anxiety is fairly manageable, but the positive aspects of you won’t alter as your anxiety does.

  1. Your anxiety is there to make sure you’re fine, not to tell you you aren’t.

Anxiety appears to ensure that you are fine, not to alert you that you are not. It’s your brain saying, ‘Not sure, yet there might be some problem here, but there might not be, but just in case, you ought to be prepared to face it if it comes, which it might not – but just in case, you ought to be ready to run or fight – but it might be absolutely great.’ Brains can be so perplexing at times! Without any question, you have a healthy, powerful, and hardworking brain. It’s doing an excellent job of doing what brains are supposed to do: keeping you healthy. To be absolutely sincere, your brain is fantastic. It will only become stronger as you educate it to be less worried.

  1. Brains can evolve. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of your brain is its ability to alter. Whenever you do anything courageous or think powerful, courageous thoughts (‘I’m okay – I can do this!’), you develop the region of your brain that aids in daring behavior. Every time you choose a deep breath, you are training your brain on how to make you feel peaceful. If you could see inside your brain, you could observe a billion tiny brain cells connecting more and more each time you perform something.  The more neural connections you have in a portion of your brain, the more powerful and effective it is. What you do makes a genuine difference.

  1. You have an interesting, unique, and excellent perspective on things.

You observe a lot of things that bother you, but that’s because you’re observing an overwhelming amount of the world overall and considering deeply about things. You pay attention to detail, indicating that you can comprehend and enjoy things in unexpected, brilliant, and unique ways. You might not understand it, but being with a person who observes the world with as much fullness as you do is pretty remarkable. Your perspective may appear normal to you, but it is actually pleasant, amazing, and intelligent. 

  1. When something doesn’t seem right, you pick it up right away.

You act quickly when something needs your attention. You’re great in that way. You’ll be one of the first to identify problems and determine what should be done to fix them. Just make sure you give those activities that make you feel happy as much time as you give the ones that make you feel bad. Although you may have to put in a lot of effort, we already understand that your brain is incredibly strong and capable. When something positive occurs, allow the positive emotion to last. Keep noting the positive feeling for at least 20 seconds. This will make it easier for positive feelings to occur as well as negative ones.

  1. You’re brave. And strong. And determined.

Confidence and anxiety constantly coexist. There is no other possibility. You’re going to do something quite bold, which is why you could be feeling anxious. Even though anxiety feels like an enormous hurdle, you can overcome it and accomplish things that are unpleasant. That requires stamina, courage, and guts, all of which you offer in plenty. People who struggle with anxiety are among the bravest individuals on the earth because they continue to do things even when they are frightening to them. And they carry them out each day. You’re about to get more courageous, the more anxious you are. 

  1. Your thoughts are really significant.

Your thoughts are so strong that even minor concerns can rapidly turn into major concerns, and before you realize it, they’re dominating how you feel and what you do. You have a really – really – powerful mind, and it can be as effective in making you anxious and preventing you from completing things as it can be in helping you do things that are brave, strong, and resolute. Because of your strong mentality, you will always be more courageous and powerful than you feel. Always.

  1. You are extremely honest. And everyone is aware of it.

Because you know about people and what can harm them, you take great care not to harm those around you. Individuals are able to identify this about you and think of you to be reliable and enjoyable to be around. It has even been confirmed through research.

  1. People like you, genuinely like you.

People like you a lot. According to studies, even though persons with anxiety are often unclear of what people perceive about them, others have a tendency to believe you’re amazing. Anybody who understands you knows that you are not arrogant or mean, that you are generous, truthful, and thoughtful, and that you can be very entertaining and enjoyable to be around. Why should they not like you? That doesn’t imply you always want to be around someone, even if you genuinely like them. Sometimes it’s just nice to be alone, and there’s nothing incorrect with that.

  1. You’d make an excellent leader.

You have a great understanding of people. You understand what kinds of things can harm the emotions of others and what kinds of things can make them feel good about themselves. That is the mark of a true leader. You are reliable, and people come to you for advice because they know you have usually considered everything. You may not be the one putting your hand up to be a captain or leader, but you should be. People believe in you and understand that if they follow you, they will be in good hands.

  1. You are creative.

Anxious people are frequently extremely creative. Anxiety and creativity appear to originate in the same area of the brain. If you already know this and are doing unique things, stay going because the entire globe wants your creative talent. If you haven’t discovered your creative spark yet, keep seeking; it’s there; it’s just a matter of figuring out what will bring it out. Painting, creating art, cooking, building, writing, acting, inventing, dancing, there are so many ways to be creative!

  1. You are really good at choosing things.

Making judgments may take some time, but that’s alright; don’t push yourself; during that time, your brain is likely considering a variety of factors, some of which may be ones that no one else has considered. You don’t make poor choices because you enter a situation quickly or because you overlooked something important. You have the ability to recognize the details that matter and consider them when making decisions. What if we could all accomplish that? When you make a choice, it will almost always be the ideal one. But keep in mind that occasionally you merely have to choose between two (or more) options that are both beneficial to you. 

  1. When you’re anxious, you have superhuman abilities. Or perhaps a ninja.

When you have anxiety, your brain tells you that there might be problems coming, so it floods your body with helpful substances called hormones and adrenaline. (Remember, your brain doesn’t truly know whether or not there is danger – it’s only alerting you to the possibility.) These good compounds are intended to make you more attentive, stronger, faster, and more powerful in the event that you do need to cope with something. It’s your body becoming a superhero. The issue is that when there is no need for superhero action (nothing to tackle or run away from), the chemicals build up, which is why you feel anxious. Taking a few deep breaths can help you feel better since they relax your brain, turn off the neurotransmitters, and return your physical condition to normal.  

  1. You have people skills. There are people. You truly understand them.

Because you experience comparable things, you may relate to what it’s like for people to be anxious, afraid, or feel as though they might make a mistake. You know exactly what it feels like to feel “not right,” even if you don’t know why somebody experiences feelings the way they do. You are very good at putting together knowledge about individuals and circumstances. You are able to fully understand the emotions of others or what can make them feel happier. Seriously, it makes sense why people adore you.

  1. The things that are important to you ARE important.

You care strongly about those individuals and stuff that are essential to you, and you always try hard to ensure that they are well and that they understand the significance they are to you. It’s the type of person you are: you care deeply about those things that matter and are not going to stop.

  1. You are a master of information. 

You excel at learning and comprehending concepts. That doesn’t imply that you understand anything about everything, but when you’ve collected sufficient knowledge or set your mind to it, you can comprehend anything incredibly well and put it to good use.

  1. You’re an organizer and a thinker.

You consider a lot about things and sort them out. Even though overthinking things can worsen anxiety, it is also what makes you ready and capable. You’re going to spend a lot of time thinking about what could go wrong, so make sure you additionally spend a lot of time thinking about what could go well. They are also significant.

  1. Everyone has some sort of problem.

Everyone on the earth suffers from something. Everyone. Even the most powerful, bravest, and wisest person on the earth has moments when they are troubled, frightened, or anxious. It’s comforting to know you’re human. Take that as a sign that you’re normal and ready to do something extremely courageous. Because that is just what it is. 

  1. You create the world a better – no, a great – place for those around you.

Because you understand how it feels when matters are challenging, you are able to understand how wonderful it is to be healthy, secure, and with people you enjoy spending time with.

And lastly…

Although anxiety can be difficult to manage, doing so has given you some great and special abilities. Own them; they are excellent assets to have. You are a thinker, a creator, bold, strong, and steadfast, and you have a rich, in-depth sense of emotion. It is enough to know that you are able to achieve something fantastic; you don’t have to understand what it will be. All you have to do in the meantime is take one tiny step at a time because everything huge, significant, and wonderful began as something modest and bold.