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Best Restaurants for Spring in Dallas

Best Restaurants for Spring in Dallas: With several more originally scheduled to launch this spring, the Dallas area has recently seen a frenzy of new restaurant openings. But unhappily, the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying limitations on dine-in service have stopped the whole business. In short, concepts that were supposed to debut in the coming months are now aiming to do so in the early summer, while other establishments are trying to figure out how to stay open by providing takeaway and delivery options in addition to fantastic food prices. Alcoholic beverages can also be ordered to go, which is an extra benefit.

For instance, Oak Cliff’s newest restaurant, Sketches of Spain, offers paellas for $15, as well as a limited menu of snacks and bottles of Spanish wine. Moreover, Hurtado Barbecue and Jaxon Beer Garden also sell vacuum-packed barbecue that can be heated up at home or placed in the freezer. A range of takeaway family-style dishes that aren’t often offered on the standard menu is being produced at the East Dallas site of the wildly popular Mot Hai Ba while it prepares to open its modern Vietnamese outpost in Victory Park.

If you’re in the mood to order something tasty to eat inside your home or for when business resumes as usual, keep reading for additional restaurants to keep on your radar. Remember that law frequently changes, frequently at the last minute, so always check the restaurant’s social media for the most recent information.


National and local reviewers alike have given Chef Peja Krsticthat’s little East Dallas modern Vietnamese restaurant high ratings. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that the opening of the second Mot Hai Ba location in Victory Park was one of the most eagerly anticipated restaurant openings this spring. As a result, the East Dallas site is currently offering curbside takeaway and delivery (via Favor and Caviar) on menu items as well as beer, wine, and drinks while the opening preparations have been put on hold. You can expect to chow down on dishes like shaken beef, pork belly dumplings, and five-spice brisket banh mi, as well as family-style dinners that include things like whole fried branzino with lemongrass cham sauce, garlic noodles, jasmine rice, and imperial rolls.

Because Mot Hai Ba serves the most interesting Vietnamese food in the metroplex, it is rated as one of the Best Restaurants for Spring.


Despite the diversity of international eateries in the Dallas area, there were hardly any Russian restaurants until this little-known treasure quietly opened this past winter. Zinovy Margulis and his family, all of whom have been pulling double duty by working their normal jobs during the day and managing the restaurant at night, are the creators of the café. Regarding the food, you can anticipate a wide variety of traditional foods, such as dumplings and burgers, that draw on the cuisines of Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Georgia. Don’t overlook the pelmeni or khachapuri (cooked pork dumplings in soup).

Because Bubala Café succeeds at serving Russian pastries and dumplings, it is recommended for Best Restaurants for Spring.


This tiny taberna, which launched in Oak Cliff late last winter, specialized in Spanish delicacies focused on pinchos (a refined form of Spanish tapas). The restaurant is owned by the same people that own the independent bookstore next door, The Wild Detectives. Even though you are unable to hang out at the bar right now, you may still benefit from some fantastic pickup and delivery offers. In this case, the paellas cost $15 and may be created with anything from farm veggies to shellfish and rabbits. A small selection of pinchos is also offered, including Spanish cheesecake and moderately priced bottles of Spanish wine (think salt cod-stuffed piquillo peppers and Iberic ham croquettes).

Because Sketches of Spain serves as the only pincho bar in Dallas, it is suggested as one of the Best Restaurants for Spring.


Hurtado Barbecue eventually opened its doors in late February after a protracted launch that was originally scheduled during the fall, only to be struck with the dine-in ban shortly after. However, barbecue lovers need not worry because the restaurant’s distinctive Tex-Mex barbeque is still offered for curb pickup or delivery. The place has really been inundated with orders to the point where they had to increase food production and hire extra staff. Everything from prime brisket, house-made sausages, and beef ribs to smoked quail and green chile pulled pork is available off the smoker. Family-style platters (think meat, sides, and tortillas for 2–10 people) and cold vacuum-sealed meats including whole briskets and pig shoulders are additionally offered. Whatever you do, don’t pass up the charred Mexican street corn topped with lime crema and cotija or the hatch chile mac and cheese.

Hurtado Barbecue is one of the few restaurants in the metroplex offering Tex-Mex-style craft barbecue, making it a suggestion for the Top Restaurants for Spring.


 Through her catering company, Naturally, Curly Chef, Kelly Ball, who has a devoted following, opened this quaint boutique bakery and café in Lakewood. The bakery is well-known for its deep-dish desserts, which are available in a variety of tastes, including the traditional Lorraine, chorizo with queso fresco, and onion & cream cheese. Along with delicious kolaches with distinctive fillings including apples, Havarti, and pomegranate jelly, there are also croissants, scones, cookies, pies, cakes, cinnamon buns, and muffins available. Customers can safely pick up any of the products on the menu from a drive-through tent in front of the bakery while the dine-in prohibition is in place. Not feeling like going outside? No worries, they also provide delivery through Uber Eats in the Dallas region.

Leila Bakery produces some of Dallas’s best quiche, hence it has been chosen for Best Restaurants for Spring.


This enormous restaurant, which opened on March 2 in downtown’s new AT&T Discovery District, is described as a contemporary Texas-inspired diner and beer garden. The items on the menu, which was created by former James Beard Foundation award nominee chef David Gilbert are contemporary Texas fare with inspirations from Mexico, Louisiana, and New Mexico, among other nearby countries. This includes burgers, tortas, and other foods including smoky chicken pot pie, green chili brisket mac & cheese, and slippery BBQ pig ribs. The best part is that in addition to these choices being available right away on the takeout menu, the restaurant also sells barbecue by the pound in vacuum-sealed containers and barbecue meal family packs. Oh, and did we mention that they also sell takeaway and delivery of staples like toilet tissue, toilet roll, and mineral water?

Jaxon Beer Garden is the best place to go for an elegant barbecue in downtown Dallas, making it a suggestion for the Better Restaurants for Spring.


If lobster is your beloved cuisine, you should visit Dock Local, a casual seafood restaurant that has recently opened in Uptown and will soon be opening in Legacy Hall and the brand-new AT&T Discovery District downtown this April. A variety of starters, sandwiches, tacos, salads, and sides are offered on the menu, all of which use seafood sourced from the waters off the coasts of Maine and Canada. There are three different varieties of lobster rolls, one of which is stuffed with bits of lobster meat, blue crab, and shrimp, as well as lobster bisque, lobster loaded fries, and lobster mac & cheese. In addition to its usual menu, the Uptown store is also offering a number of specials on seaside meals for 4-5 people for curbside pick-up and deliveries.

Dock Local is a great choice for a casual supper that includes plenty of lobster because it is one of the best restaurants for spring.


No dine-in ban will be able to shut down this beloved local pizzeria. The truth is that Zalat is growing, and a seventh shop will open on Lemmon Avenue in the middle of April. Of course, takeout and delivery are available at all of the sites. For those who are unfamiliar with Zalat, the restaurant is renowned for its creative pizza combinations. All of the pizzas are produced with in-house dough and cooked in traditional deck ovens to get the ideal level of crispiness and chewiness. Popular pies include the Elote, which is stuffed with corn, lemon pepper spice, parmesan, cilantro, and a unique sauce created with Sriracha and ranch dressing, as well as the Pho Sizzle, which has chicken, red bell peppers, red onions, cilantro, basil, hoisin, and sriracha swirl. The fact that the new facility is open every day of the week until midnight is another perk.

Zalat is the preferred late-night pizza destination in the metroplex, making it a choice for Best Restaurants for Spring.


This popular West End restaurant is currently working to open two more sites, one in Allen and one in Frisco. While the Frisco location is expected to open in June, the Allen location will be open for takeout and delivery by the beginning of April. The restaurant’s all-day brunch menu, which features substantial southern comfort classics like chicken fried steak, burgers, and grits, is well-known for its delicious meals. The Cajun shrimp and grits and deep-fried blue corn grit balls with fresh blueberries and blueberry maple syrup are standouts. Furthermore, take note that Ellen’s is providing discounted bottles of wine for takeout.

Ellen’s is the best location for home-spun southern cuisine, making it a suggestion for the Top Restaurants for Spring.


This Preston Center restaurant, which only just opened, specialized in ultra-thin brick oven pizzas with ingredients drawn from the travels of owners Heather and Ali Haider. Expect to see a variety of pizzas as a result, from traditional types like Napoli and New York to unique ones like the Moroccan, which is topped with spicily spiced chicken, buffalo mozzarella, bell peppers, onions, and harissa oil. The menu offers gourmet hotdogs served on toasted Hawaiian rolls and topped with everything from pepperoni and chili to Beyond Meat sausage in addition to pizzas and a variety of pasta dishes. Speaking of plant-based meat, Flattery also sells a Beyond Pie that is topped with chickpeas, avocado, mozzarella, pesto, and Beyond Meat sausage on a foundation of cauliflower.

Because Flattery Café offers pizza that is a little out of the usual, it is suggested for Best Restaurants for Spring.