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Best Breakfast in Dallas

Best Breakfast in Dallas: The saying goes that the early bird generally catches the worm, but Dallas’ greatest breakfast spots serve more than simply bird feed to early risers. In addition, these restaurants go above and beyond the standard bacon and eggs, yet the majority of them don’t need you to get up prior to noon to get your breakfast fixed.

Go no further than Jonathon’s in Oak Cliff for the best all-day breakfast options. The restaurant is well-known for its chicken and waffles as well as deep-fried, pancake-battered turkey sausages on a stick. At Maple Leaf Diner, a Canadian-inspired eatery that offers this southern-style mix with cream puffs and cherries on top, chicken and waffles take the stage as well.

If you picture dishes of fabulously rich pancakes or steak and eggs in the morning, the stylishly trendy Second Floor eatery in the Dallas Galleria could be what you’re looking for. It’s a terrific place to refuel before or after a trip to the mall.

Bread Winners Cafe, a popular brunch tradition known for its long weekend lines, is also nearby. But, most of its delectable brunch alternatives are available throughout the week without any queues. Of course, no morning list would be complete without Norma’s Cafe, a Dallas institution that has been serving delicious home-style meals and mile-high pies since 1956. It’s ideal for individuals who enjoy their breakfast with a touch of nostalgia.

In reality, whenever it refers to the single most important food of the day, Dallas does not disappoint. Whether it’s eggs Benedict, French crepes, or breakfast tacos, consider this checklist your go-to resource on where to begin your day right.


Expect immense lineups outside of this beautiful 1930s home since Jonathon’s has become more of a company, and for a valid reason. Not only does it offer fantastic comfort cuisine favorites like burgers and pork chops to chicken pot pie, but it’s also the go-to site for a number of the finest brunch choices in the city. Though the breakfast buffet offers everything from eggs benedict to Danger Dogs (a delectable mixture of pancake battered, deep-fried turkey sausage links), it’s the southern-style chicken and waffles that truly stand out. Jonathon elevates the dish’s sweet and spicy blend by heaping huge hunks of crunchy fried chicken across thin Belgium waffles before covering it in pepper sauce. With a drizzle of hot maple syrup on top, the dish transforms into absolute bliss. Good of all, visitors are not required to wait until the weekend to grab their chicken and waffle fix; Jonathan’s serves brunch all day.

Breakfast is suggested because Jonathon’s is a Dallas icon for chicken and waffles.


Although this trendy hotspot offers dishes at all times, breakfast and brunch are the most popular. But take note that you’ll struggle with choosing what you want to order. If you prefer something sweet, you can choose between banana cream pie French toast with chopped pecans or red velvet pancakes with melted butter and maple syrup for a sweet treat. When you go savory, the options become even more limited. Will the duck chilaquiles with tortilla strips and fried eggs be chosen as the winner? Or how about the Angry Frito Pie (a fan fave) with wild boar chorizo chili and all the fixings? 

Excellent for Breakfast because Oddfellows is well-known for its fantastic meals and outstanding coffee menu.


Although Dallas is overflowing with foodie hot places, Ellen’s Southern Kitchen is the place to go for delectable soul food. From buttermilk fried chicken breasts to chicken-fried steak and sauce, this homely West End restaurant serves sophisticated comfort staples. And the all-day breakfast buffet, which includes anything from buttermilk waffles and French toast to bacon and eggs, really shines. But grits are the star of the show here: cheesy grits, Cajun spiced prawn & grits (yes, for breakfast), and our particular favorite, eggs Benedict grits with bacon, spinach, and made by hand hollandaise. You aren’t going to be ready to eat anything else for the duration of the day, but possibly that’s the goal. The coffee is also excellent, the baristas use a slick La Marzocco coffee maker to ensure that each cup is perfect.

Breakfast is suggested because there are a couple of things that are more inviting than Ellen’s grits and eggs.


You should get out of sleep before sunrise on Saturday or Sunday If you are hoping to get the passionate natives to a table at this highly anticipated brunch spot.  However, its weekday brunch (usually offered until 4 p.m.) is hardly congested, yet the choice of foods is as lavish. So, what’s the allure? A calm atmosphere, pleasant service, and a complimentary basket of freshly made bread are served to your place at the table as soon as you sit down. The morning items, which include pancakes, chicken & waffles, eggs Benedicts, and a banana bread French toast (thick slices of seared banana bread topped with fresh whipped cream and sliced bananas), are filling sufficient on their own to satisfy. If all of that is a lot for your arteries, try an easy choice like steel-cut oatmeal or handmade granola with juicy fruit and dairy.

Good for Breakfast because Bread Winners is frequently regarded as one of Dallas’ best brunch locations.


If an array of fried chicken and bacon piled on top of some Belgium waffles seems like the perfect way to start your morning, keep scrolling. This old-school diner has an extensive menu of every form of Canadian comfort food possible, like Canadian bacon and poutine (french fries coated in melting cheese curds and brown gravy), as well as sandwiches, burgers, and even chips and fish. But when it concerns morning meals, this location truly goes all out, with selections ranging from potato pancakes and eggs to Greek omelets, smoked salmon Benedict, and chicken fried chicken with eggs. Thinking of fried chicken, there are the previously mentioned chicken bacon-and-waffles, which are held together with a wooden skewer and served with juicy strawberries and cream puffs. And, definitely, you should totally smother it in cream and maple syrup. Even better, breakfast is an all-day matter, so you don’t have to get up early enough to take advantage of the most essential meal of the day.

Good for Breakfast because Maple Leaf Diner literally takes breakfast waffles to new heights.


The ruler of home cuisine icon has been serving customers chicken-fried steak, meaty country breakfasts, and mile-high pies since 1956. While the food selection has shifted over time, Norma’s remains true to the genre, with vinyl-padded booths, bar furniture, a friendly staff, and platters laden with typical diner requisites at reasonable prices. Breakfast options include traditional egg dishes, waffles, pancakes, and Mexican delicacies like huevos rancheros. The true show-stopper, though, is the hangover-busting big ol’ number 7, a pie tin packed with two biscuits drenched in gravy, three scrambled eggs, hash browns, and shredded cheddar cheese covered with sausage, bacon, jalapenos, and tomatoes. Keep an eye out for Norma’s mile-high pies, which are what placed this restaurant on the map.

Breakfast is a must because All-day brunch and an enchanted closet of handmade pies make Norma’s one of Dallas’ most-loved icons.


In Dallas, where can you get true, made-to-order crepes? Yes, indeed. With its unique range of sweet and spicy crepes, this hideaway of a creperie situated in Oak Cliff’s stylish upscale Sylvan Thirty development has won the hearts of nearby Francophiles. The idea came from Parisian-born Julien Eelsen, whose family has had experience in eating establishments and hotels in Normandy, it’s easy to assume he understands what he’s talking about when it comes to crafting those wafer-thin discs of bliss. Breakfast items include savory buckwheat galettes filled with eggs, cheese, and whatever kind of meat, as well as sweet crepes (made with white wheat flour) stuffed with anything from house-made caramel to Chocolate and bananas. There’s also freshly pressed juice, cappuccino, and handmade milk chocolate for putting it all down.

It is rated because Whisk is the only location in Dallas where you can get real crepes for breakfast.


This secret pearl box restaurant on the Westin Galleria hotel’s mezzanine remains a nice place to stop for lunch when walking at the Galleria. But, with its calm, inviting ambiance and attractive brunch choices, it’s certainly a great spot to start the day. And the workday food menu is just as good as the weekend brunch menu. Traditional classics like bacon, eggs, and cereal are available, as are more luxurious options like blueberry almond flour pancakes and brioche French toast. If you truly desire to begin your morning off well, Grab the lobster and crab eggs. It’s absolutely nothing short of fantastic, with Camembert, asparagus, and mushroom cream.

Rated for Breakfast because You will not go incorrect with anything on the Second Floor for stylish surroundings and wonderful breakfast choices.


Since 1961, this family-owned German grocery and cafe have been situated on the corner of Snider Plaza. Not only does it have one of the most extensive varieties of meats, sausages, cold cuts, and European imported foods in the city, but it’s also an excellent place to fill up on a hearty breakfast. You could go for healthier choices like oatmeal and a fruit cup, but that would be absent from the point here, it’s all about house-smoked pork chops and eggs, build your own omelets; or a Bavarian-style eggs Benedict dish (such as toasted rye bread topped with Canadian bacon, tomatoes, two sunny-side up eggs, and hollandaise sauce) that could nourish an elephant. Kuby’s also provides traditional Bavarian fare such as mashed pancakes (with applesauce and bitter cream), rouladen (fine meat rolls with bacon, onions, and pickles), and frikadellens. (a German-style hamburger). Breakfast biscuits, German-style French toast, and endless mugs of coffee are also delicious.

Excellent for Breakfast because Kuby’s serves the greatest Bavarian breakfast in town.


What is the greatest bakery in Dallas? Local Francophiles who have claimed this baguette has cause to believe so. The shop’s heart-baked boules, crispy baguettes, and creamy pastries are as wonderful as any found across the Atlantic. Pastries such as eclairs, tarts, and the like are also worth a look. If you prefer something a bit heavier to start the day, get a seat at one of the outdoor tables and order a cup of coffee and a piece of quiche or a bowl of house-made granola. Boulangerie also serves lunch, with items ranging from savory croissants to croque monsieurs and rustic-style sandwiches. Enjoy the candles, which are tiny bell-shaped cakes with burnt crusts and custardy inside that are always a hit. If you arrange it correctly, you might be able to get a fresh one instantly out of the oven.

Suggested for Breakfast because Boulangerie is the only location that you have to be aware of about for the finest baked French delights in the city.