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10 best places to shop in the Bishop Arts District

Best places to shop in the Bishop Arts District: When it comes to a satisfying and delightful shopping experience, the Bishop Arts District is a great place to participate in a little retail therapy. There are undoubtedly more than a dozen stores, and more are constantly opening. Bishop Arts has something for everyone, whether they are looking for trendy clothing, one-of-a-kind gifts, delicious treats, or artwork.

Fashion enthusiasts should check out Indigo 1745, the go-to store for stylish clothing for both men and women. Searching for a special gift instead? Then go to Ely Artisans Jewelry to explore the amazing assortment of handmade jewelry by Mexican skilled artisans. Also, there is a hip concept store called Marcel Market that sells French clothing, pottery, fragrances, skincare items, and supermarket items.

Obviously, a visit to Bishop Arts wouldn’t be complete without a stop at CocoAndré Chocolatier to sample some of Andrea Pedraza’s delicious chocolate creations.

Explore the remaining 10 places on our list, and we’re sure you won’t leave Bishop Arts empty-handed. In fact, you might have to send a few things home.


Ely Artisan Jewelry should be your first stop if you’re looking for the ideal item for yourself or somebody special. The store, which opened in 2018, offers a stunning selection of accessories for both men and women, all of which were made by Mexican artists. There is a lot to love here, but at the moment my favorites are a sterling silver stalactite crystal bracelet for $250, a $95 twisted cable ring, and a $95 hand-beaded necklace. Additional treats to keep an eye out for include sculptures, leather wallets, blouses from Mexico with hand embroidery, and coffee from Chiapas.

Because Ely Artisans Jewelry has a very outstanding selection of distinctive, high-quality items that won’t break the bank, it is suggested for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping.


For those in need of a sugar high, this Bishop Arts chocolate shop, housed in a craftsman-style home, is a must-stop location. The idea for the store originated with Andrea Pedraza’s daughter Cindy. A cacaotera (a female cocoa farmer) in Soconusco, Chiapas provides the duo’s confections with all of the cacao they use, which is created using classic European methods and Mexican tastes. A seller is the chocolate high heels but doesn’t forget about the other unique creations like the tequila-infused white chocolate truffles, the chocolate cowboy boots, and the chocolate-filled pinatas. What’s best? They allow you to try almost everything you want to try a sample of.

Suggested for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping because CocoAndre’s chocolates are so good that American Airlines serves them on its first-class flights.

 INDIGO 1745

Fashion-conscious customers are aware that this is the best place to find well-fitting designer jeans. But, Indigo also has a fantastic variety of apparel, accessories, shoes, and jewels, many of which are quite reasonably priced. Owners Denise Manoy and her husband Keith have a keen sense of style, which is visible in the store’s ever-evolving selection of unknown labels, which includes items by Project Runway alum Shirin Askari, a local fashion designer, and designer Tendai Tawonezvi of Neo Bantu. Guys may stock up on things like Mavi jeans, George Roth shirts, and Jet Lag shorts, while stylish women can buy everything from sultry party dresses to a range of jewels, handbags, and trinkets.

Since Indigo 1745 has a fantastic variety of fashionable, reasonably priced clothing for both men and women, it is recommended as the Bishop Arts District’s Finest Shopping.


This lovely concept boutique, which is part of the Bishop North complex, is a true gold mine for Francophiles. Amelie and Gregory Monvoisin, Paris locals who founded Marcel Market, offer a carefully chosen selection of unique French goods, the majority of which are likely to be found only in France. Expect to discover organic skin care goods, candles, handcrafted pottery, women’s clothing, and other items in addition to typical supermarket items like mustard, chocolates, candies, spreads, confitures, and olive oils. Oh, and did we mention that they also offer handcrafted French macarons from We the Birds?

Recommended for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping because Marcel Market is the only French concept store in Dallas.


Almost anything you might imagine for decorating and giving is available at this emporium of the unusual and amazing. Everything is here, including candles, toys, equipment, barware, cosmetics, and artwork. And there are many other strange stuff that you might need but really want (like homemade lit clothing and fake tampon flasks). Also, Fete-ish goes all out during special occasions by loading the store with anything and everything to foster a party atmosphere. When you visit on a Friday night, you’ll be treated to a delectable adult concoction because we’re talking about celebrating.

Fete-ish is a great choice for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping because it is jam-packed with almost everything you could possibly need.


There’s a reason why this boutique in the Bishop Arts District has been the go-to place to buy presents for more than 2 decades. It carries a wide variety of items, including store-brand apparel, bath products, candles, handmade accessories, and unique birthday cards. It’s worthwhile to enter and take a look around even if you’re just window shopping. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, stop by the sister stores Home on Bishop for additional accessories, gifts, and distinctive decorative items. The Ellison Valencia Gallery, which offers reasonably priced abstract paintings, sculptures, and glass installations with Chihuly influences, is also owned by the same person.

Rated as the Best Shopping in the Bishop Arts District because Bishop Street Market is a retail therapy refuge for one-of-a-kind and unique presents.

 WE ARE 1976

We Are 1976 is a local go-to place for affordable cool presents and a variety of design-inspired things, so don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s a store stuffed with vintage 1970s kitsch. Vynsie, Jully, and Derek Law, the shop’s owners, have successfully stocked their store with items like Japanese delicacies, unique toys, stationery, and decorative items that they have carefully chosen from independent local and worldwide designers. Expect to see things like Dick Bruna Miffy bento boxes, Kaweco writing instruments, Masunaga eyeglass frames, and a range of limited-edition prints by local artist Brent Ozaeta, however, the inventory is continuously changing.

Recommended for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping Because We Are 1976 is sure to please anyone with a creative imagination.


This cozy independent bookstore serves as a bookstore, a coffee shop, and a pub all in one and is located in a lovely 1940s home. Javier Garca del Moral and Paco Vique, two Spanish civil engineers who intended to design a space that would encourage conversation and engagement over good literature and alcohol, opened the shop in 2014. A small but interesting collection of books by regional and worldwide authors, expertly co-curated by the local literary scene and the owner’s literary contacts throughout the world, is displayed on its walls. Watch for regular activities, such as children’s story hours, poetry readings, movie showings, concerts, and writing workshops.

Recommended for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping because The Wild Detectives is where to score unusual literary finds.


Even though candles are available in almost every store in the city, Pamela Jackson and Jeremi Headrick’s tiny boutique provides the best olfactory experience. Quality soy candles with enticing smells like campfire, laundry day, and cut grass can be found here in place of the usual synthetic-smelling items. There are artisan brands like Jeremiah Jo and Kobo in addition to the store’s own special blends. The nicest part is that everything is on display beneath a glass dome so you can smell the candles before purchasing.

Society offers one of the most distinctive candle collections in Dallas, winning them a spot on our list of the best shopping in the Bishop Arts District.


Katherine Clapner, the owner and chief chocolatier of Sweet Chocolate, has a remarkable talent for combining salty and sweet tastes to create unique chocolate delicacies. Buttery toffee with porcini mushroom powder and creamy dark chocolate fudge with dehydrated blue cheese are two of the store’s most unique and delectable confections. Additional treats include chocolate-covered candied nuts and truffles with floral scents, as well as cocoa-dusted marshmallows, olive oil with cocoa in it, and alcoholic chocolate concoctions. Try a few of the options while enjoying hot chocolate, or get a gift set that is wonderfully packaged with a selection of everything.

Recommended for Bishop Arts District’s Best Shopping because Dude, Sweet is where to go for unusual chocolate-based gifts and treats.